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A) NFT is a new work transaction method that uses non-fungible tokens to leave a record of creation and ownership of works on the block chain.

A) ASAN VERSE is a decentralized platform that does not require membership registration. However, to create and trade works, you need to log in with your virtual asset wallet because you need to hold and transfer ASAN tokens.

A) Currently, the virtual asset wallet supports Kaikas, but in the future, various virtual asset wallets will be additionally supported to make it easier for users to use it. Payment method is only possible with ASAN tokens.

A) Using the experience of directly operating a gallery, we handle real and digital works by famous domestic and foreign artists who are currently the hottest, and provide various benefits to users in conjunction with the self-issued ASAN token

A) When registering and purchasing an artwork, the fee specified on the page is charged. Separately, there is a separate fee to the Klaytn Foundation when using the Klaytn network, such as registering, purchasing, or transmitting works.

A) When purchasing a work, it is paid to the first registrant of the work, and it is paid every time the work is sold.